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Lubrication Oil Flow Monitoring System

Lubrication monitoring in rolling bearing

It’s very important to have a trustful lubrication oil monitoring in the system.

Pressure switches are regularly used to signal lubrication systems, in other words, if the line is pressurized indicates that there is pressure and it is considered that there is flow, but if there is a blockage or obstruction (ex.: dented pipe, locked valve), the pressure switch indicates pressure, but the oil will not reach the final destination.

The Eicos flow switches detect flow: any obstruction increases the pressure, but reduces the flow - it will be detected, but the piston of Flow Switch will return to zero if the input pressure is equal to the outlet pressure.

The Eicos flow switches allow to adjust the minimum liquid flow to detect since 4ml/min of oil to 40L/min. It’s important to have a particle filter system before the sensor.

Magnetic Filter
Magnetic Filter
Supervisión del aceite en sistemas de lubricación con Sensores de Flujo Eicos