> > > Lower and Upper Tanks Level Control Automation

Lower and Upper Tanks Level Control Automation

Automation of level control and water pump between lower tank and upper tank with level switch and contactor.

S3Protection Sensor for lack of water
C1Auxiliary Contactor
Automation of liquid level control of top tank filling system by bottom tank.


S1 Upper level switch

S2 Lower level switch

S3 Protection Sensor for lack of water

C1 Auxiliary Contactor

B Pump


  • 1 Empty tank: The level switches (1 and 2) are closed and energizing the coil (A1/A2) of the contactor 1, that remain energized by the contacts 13/14, turning the pump on.
  • 2 The tank level rises: The lower Level Switch opens the contacts, but the coil keeps energized by the contacts 13/14 of contactor and upper level switch.
  • 3 Filled tank up: The upper level switch opens when the reservatory is filled up, turning the pump off.
  • 4 Empty lower tank: The protection level switch turning the pump off.