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Automatic Tank Level Control for Long Distance

Installation of level switches on Tank for long distances without causing damage to Reed Switch. Learn to protect your level switch of cable capacitance.

S3Protection Sensor for lack of water (3)
C1Auxiliary Contactor 1
C2Auxiliary Contactor 2
C3Auxiliary Contactor 3
long distance cable
Liquids level control of tank with connection in long distance or automation of three-phase pump


S1 Upper level switch 1

S2 Lower level switch 2

S3 Protection Sensor for lack of water 3

C1 Auxiliary Contactor 1

C2 Auxiliary Contactor 2

C3 Auxiliary Contactor 3

R1 Upper tank

R2 Lower tank

B Pump


  • 1 Empty R1 tank: The contacts of the upper (1) and lower (2) level switches are closed and energizing the (A1/A2) coil of the contactor 1, that remain energized by the contacts 13/14, turning the pump on.
  • 2 The lower level of the tank R1 rises and open the lower (2) level switch contact, but the contact keep energized by the closed contact of the upper (1) level switch and by the contacts 13/14 of contactor 1.
  • 3 The upper (1) level switch contact opens when the R1 tank is filled up, turning the pump off.
  • 4 With lack of water in the R2 tank, the protection level switch (3) turning the contactor 3 off.