> > > Level Control Drainage System of Underground Tank

Level Control Drainage System of Underground Tank

Installation of two level switches and contactor for pump automation in drainage system (underground tank).

Liquid level control of tank at drainage system with pump starting


S1 Upper level switch

S2 Lower level switch

C1 Contactor

B Pump


  • 1 Empty tank: The level switches are opened and do not allow the contactor coil energization (A1/A2), keeping the pump turned off.
  • 2 The tank level rises: The lower level switch closes the contacts but the contactor coil keeps not energized until the upper level switch be reached, then the contactor remains energized by the contacts 13/14, turning the pump on.
  • 3 Filled up tank: When the upper level switch opens the contactor coil, it keeps energized by the contacts 13/14 and turning the pump on. When the level get the lower level switch it will open the contact, turning the pump off.